Dr. Jake Sladky

How do I know I need a root canal?

It starts off as a slight twinge in your tooth when you're eating or drinking a cold beverage. You don't think too much about it because it goes away quickly. Then next you know, your tooth is starting to hurt, but Ibuprofen seems to do the trick, so you don't worry. Before you know it, your tooth is waking you up at night, and now you've got a full blown toothache. You visit your dentist to find that you need a root canal in Glendale, WI. How did this happen?

Decay in your tooth often starts off as sensitivity to hot or cold. If you are proactive and have your tooth checked out with your dentist, a dental filling can often eliminate the decay and strengthen your tooth. If decay is left untreated, it will progress to the nerve, or pulp of your tooth and cause an infection and this is when a root canal becomes necessary to eliminate the decay and preserve your tooth.

Trauma or an injury to your tooth may also require root canal therapy. If you are experiencing sensitivity or pain contact Sladky Family Dental right away to be seen for treatment.

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