Dr. Jake Sladky

I have been disappointed with my dentures in the past. What is different about your dentures?

Dentures have been a common tooth replacement option for many years. But today’s modern dentures are not the fake-looking teeth replacements you might have tried in the past. Dentures today are more comfortable and look more natural than ever.

We offer a variety of different types of dentures at our Glendale practice.

Partial dentures – These are a great option if you have gaps in your smile but your remaining teeth are still healthy. Partials can be made to fit with your remaining teeth or with dental implants. These must be removed at night for cleaning, but while you wear them during the day, you’ll note that they fit quite securely.

Full dentures – Made for those who have lost all of their teeth, these are meticulously designed to fit better than ever. This means you can eat, speak, and laugh comfortably. They are made to function well and to look natural.

Implant supported dentures &mndash; This option combines the affordability and dentures with the security of implants. Implants are strategically placed in your jawbone and dentures will snap right onto them, holding them securely in place.

Don’t let your past experience with dentures keep you from trying again. Dentures provide an excellent tooth replacement that can give you back your self-confidence and your ability to eat your favorite foods once again.

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